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SAM4s SPS-530R Cash Register

Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) are used for hospitality and retail scanning and we are authorised resellers for Casio, Quorion, SAM4s and Sharp.

SAM4s SPS-530R

(Raised Keyboard)  


Updated 30th Sept 2016
Programmed: 645.00+VAT,  + Delivery @ 8.00 + VAT (Total Inc VAT= 783.60) Programming includes, Set-up of keyboard and screen items, layout of keyboard and screens, prodcution of printer keyboard layout, programming of operators, function keys, management operation and reports. programming of receipt details. Programmed price includes production of Easy to Use Guide for Operation, Reporting and Programming, plus 12 months telephone support.
Non-Programmed: 525.00  + Delivery (8.00) + VAT (Total Inc VAT and Delivery = 639.60) (unprogrammed prices do not come with telephone support,but still has 12 Months RTB Warranty)


For the Sam4s SPS-530 Flat Keyboard model Click Here


We are a fully authorised dealer for SAM4s systems.



Programming includes, Set-up of keyboard and screen items, layout of keyboard and screens, prodcution of printer keyboard layout, programming of operators, function keys, management operation and reports. programming of receipt details. Programmed price includes production of Easy to Use Guide for Operation, Reporting and Programming, plus 12 months telephone support.


Unprogrammed price, is for your own set-up, no telephone support, but still comes with 12 months RTB warranty.

80mm Thermal Rolls


Featuring a hybrid design, Sam4s has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitive touch screen operator display.

Using robust integrated software, your authorised Sam4s dealer can design your custom application by choosing from an array of features available for food and retail operators.

The SPS-530 is an ideal replacement for older technology ECRs, a cost-effective alternative to PC-based POS systems, and a powerful platform for independent franchises, multi-unit operators and chain accounts.

The Sam4s SPS-530 has a Single Station 80mm Thermal Printer.





Upto 32 Terminals per Network. Raised Keyboard
Links to Remote Order Printers. 90 Programmable Key Locations
Simple and Intuitive System Maintenance.


Floating Operator across Network. Single Station Thermal Printer
Floating Checks across Network. 100mm Per Second
Automatic Price Changes at Preset Times.


Gross Profit Report. 7" TFT-LCD Touch Screen
Optional Back Office Software Available. Pop-Up Turret, 2 Lines by 16 Characters
6-Line Preamble Receipt Message.


6-Line Postamble Receipt Message. 5 Bill, 8 Coin
Graphic Logo Printing on Receipt. Drawer Lock
Stock Management. 2 Media Slots
Ingredient File. 2 Additional RJ11 (24V) Ports
Condiment Items.


20 Price Levels (5 per PLU). 4 Powered RS-232 Ports
Manager Control. 2 USB Ports
Receipt On Demand. 1 TCP/IP Ethernet Port
Training Mode. PC Connectivity Optional
5 Currency Conversion Rates.


Add Check. Width: 400 mm
Check Tracking by Alpha. Depth: 450 mm
Paid Check Recall. Height: 250 mm
Electronic Journal.
Over 60 Reports
Not Found PLU.


Thermal Printer

The SAM4s SPS-530RT includes a reliable high speed Thermal Receipt Printer featuring quick and easy drop-in paper loading.

The SAM4s SPS-530RT printer is capable of 20 Character Programmable PLU Descriptors,  6-Line Preamble Receipt Message, 6-Line Postamble Receipt Message, Graphic Logo Printing on Receipt.

The SPS-530RT Printer uses 3 1/8th" Thermal Paper. The register has an electronic Journal if you need an audit trail.

Colour Touch Screen

The SAM4s SPS-530RT can display Up to 200 Operator Screens with 24-Items per Screen The color touch screen can be configured to guide the operator through choices of flavors, toppings, condiments, and instructions. If you sell a combo meal, a screen or series of screens can display to reflect the combo choices. If the item requires condiments or instructions, the screen can lead your operator through options and additional choices.

Color Touch Screen The adjustable 7" color touch screen features up to 24 key positions per screen.

The SPS-530RT boast a 7" Color Touch Screen which Improves Order Entry Accuracy Unlike a Cash Register that may display only the last item entered, the SPS-530F displays the entire order, allowing your operator to confirm the order and then refer to the display as they fill it.

Cable Management

With the SAM4s SPS-530RT Cable Management Connections are made easy and are concealed in a recessed compartment, secure from accidental damage or disconnection on the SAM4s SPS-530RT Cash Register. This feature makes your counter free of clutter while still giving you the connections you need to your POS system.

The SAM4s SPS-530RT has numerous interfaces to complete your cash register system. Interfaces to the SPS-530F include Kitchen Printer, Guest Check Printer, Bar Code scanner, Coin Changer, Interfaced Scale, Kitchen Video, Video Surveillance, keyboard, SD Card, USB devices, Computer Interface, Graphic Display and many more.

Memory Expansion

Secure SD Port SD Card Utilities include program Save/Load, report or screen capture, firmware updates & graphics uploading.

This is a wonderful time and money saving feature. The end-user can back up their program directly onto an SD card for back up. This feature can save you thousands of dollars and days worth of work in an emergency, or in case you want to add another SAM4s SPS-530 you can back up the program and download into the new register with out the expense of an on-site technician.

Not only is the SD port on the SPS-530 a great way of making back ups but also a wonderful tool to allow you to download reports including the electronic journal right to an SD Card for transport to a PC.

The end-user also has the option to upload graphics to the SPS-530 from the SD card to the register when using the graphic logo feature of the SPS-530 Cash Register.

A wonderful of the SAM4s SPS-530 is that the memory can be expanded in the field even after being installed and in use for any amount of time. Not only can the memory of the SPS-530RT be upgraded at any time it can also be done by the end-user without having to open the cash register cabinet.

Even thought the SAM4s SPS-500 series of cash register come with 2MB of memory right out of the box it can be expanded to a full 8MB with the installation of a 6MB CF card made just for the SAM4s
SPS-500 series.

Expanding the memory allows you to increase many of the useful features of the SPS-500 series like the number of menu items or UPC's, the number of servers/cashiers, more guest checks, and many
other things.

This is another reason the SAM4s SPS-500 series is such a popular cash register pos system.
USB Port

Keeping up with the theme of keeping it easy and cost effective SAM4s built the SPS-530 Register with a USB port on the front of it. This port expands the already flexibility of the SPS-530 for the end-user.

Lets say you want to program the SPS-530 and want a faster way of entering the alpha-numeric text of the items description. You can connect a standard USB computer keyboard to the SPS-530's USB port
and begin typing product descriptions with a keyboard. Not many cash register can do that! There are many things the SPS-500 series cash registers can do that others can't.

You can also connect a USB drive to this port if you wish. Why would you do that you may ask? Well for back purposes and/or data transfer. This is just another reason in the long list of why this is machine is best in class!

Cash Drawer

Standard Cash Drawer Features an extra-deep adjustable 5 bill, 8 coin insert, two media slots and a standard security lock & key.

Extra inserts for the SPS-530 are available making for fast shift changes. Also the SPS-500 series cash register features two wide media slots so you can program certain media tender keys to not open the drawer, like in the case of checks or charges.

The cash drawer is removable if you desire to mount the drawer under the counter or maybe you don't require a drawer at all and you want to save the space.

Cash Drawer Flexibility is one of the many things that make the SPS-500 series Best in Class

Customer Display

The SPS-530 has an integrated Alpha Numeric Customer Display that is included with the register. However there is an optional Graphic Customer Display available as well that can help you market to the customer while still assuring them that their purchase is being registered correctly.

The rear display is another great feature that makes the SAM4s SPS-500 series Cash Register one of the best Cash Register Point of Sale Systems on the market.

The SPS-500 series is a hybrid Cash Register that brings the best features of a standard cash register and combines them with the best features of windows based touch screen point of sale systems. The SPS-500 series is a ROM based system which keeps the system safe from Hard Drive crashes, OS crashes and from contacting a virus. ROM Based Cash Registers like the SPS-530 cash register are quite often more cost effective to operate and own long term then other software based POS systems.


Includes 12 months Return to Base (RTB) guarantee & 12 months telephone support. Price includes initial programming to customer supplied specification, before dispatch.

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