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Tills 4 Change features the following cash drawers suitable for PC or EPOS systems. If you require a replacement drawer for a cash register please enquire.


The cash drawers we supply can be either be RJ11 or Serial connections. The difference being a serial connection cash drawer is for direct connect to a PC or PC Terminal. No software is supplied with this type of cash drawer (this is also not a plug a play solution). The drawer can be fired open directly from your EPOS software (depending on your manufacturers specification) or from a command written into your own EPOS software (if you are a developer) such as the example below:


C:> MODE COM1:1200,n,8,1
C:> ECHO xyz%% > COM1


That command above would set Serial COM Port 1 on your PC ready to fire the drawer followed by a string of data to open the drawer.

While an RJ11 connecting cash drawer will connect to a POS printer and is told when to fire open by the EPOS software that is controlling the printer. (Also depending on your manufacturers specification).





If you do not need to connect a PC or receipt printer and just want to use the drawer stand alone, then all drawers can be opened via a secure key release. Drawers will still come with a connection, but this will be redundant. 


We also have available a new style of cash drawer specifically designed to be used stand alone. 

The EC-465 Magic Touch comes with no connections and can instead be opened by a 'push push' mechanism.

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