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PCS EPOS software

We can provide back office software for Casio, Geller, Sam4s and Sharp in addition to EPOS software for PC Terminals from SalesStream, Apollo E.P.O.S, Geller & ICR.


Can Tills 4 Change offer a specific solution, to meet your business requirements?

As your business grows you may require a little more than the standard reporting and control offered by a cash register.

Many of the systems that we offer can link cash registers to back office software solutions, which can offer interrogation of your sales data and stock control. This are ideal for the majority of business requirements, but you may find that you need more from your system. What if your business needs.......

- Real time stock levels to a Head Office operation.

- Stock enquiries from branch to branch.

- Loyalty system to run across mutiple sites.

- Web site integration for stock and product control.

- Integration for Supplier Ordering

- Integration to Chip & Pin EFT

These are just some of the questions which businesses ask us when they are looking for just that little bit more from their systems.

Tills 4 Change are now partnered with PCS Retail for specific software solutions. 

PCS Retail

PCS Retail - Key Features

C/O - Denotes Chargeable option

Feature PCS Retail Till PCS Retail LITE PCS Retail BackOffice PCS Retail BackOffice LITE
A4 Receipt Option YES YES YES -
A4 Reporting using interface to Crystal Reports YES - YES YES
Advertising Screen Customer Display Option YES YES YES -
Alpha Match - Additional Product Sort Category YES - YES -
Barcode Printing YES YES YES YES
Bulk Emailer Option for Customer Loyalty C/O C/O C/O C/O
Cash Declarations Screens YES YES YES YES
Customer Accounts Feature See Enhanced Loyalty Feature See Enhanced Loyalty Feature See Enhanced Loyalty Feature See Enhanced Loyalty Feature
Customer (Basic) / Loyalty with 10 Discount Levels and Loyalty Points YES YES YES YES
Customer (Enhanced) / Loyalty - Customer Invoice Drill Down, 100 Preferences, Customer Private and Doctor Info, Special Ordering, Query Builder for Word Mail-outs, CRM History, Other Info (Date of Birth, Hear About, Former Client, Marital Status, Gender, Password, Reason Prompt, Passport Ref, etc), Customer Accounts C/O C/O YES C/O
Customer Display Output to Camera System Via Serial, TCP/IP or UDP YES YES YES YES
Customer Picture Display on Sales screen YES YES YES -
Database Option Microsoft SQL Server 2005 YES YES YES YES
Dynamic Financial Year YES - YES -
E-Commerce Website API C/O - C/O -
EFT - Servebase EFT Interface (Credit Card Clearance) C/O C/O C/O C/O
EFT - Commidea Chip and Pin EFT Interface (Credit Card Clearance) C/O C/O C/O C/O
EFT - YesPay Chip and Pin EFT Interface (Credit Card Clearance) C/O C/O C/O C/O
Employee Commissions YES - YES -
Employee Picture Display on Sales screen and/or advert screen YES YES YES -
Employee Sign-on via Magnetic Swipe, Barcode, Number Pad or Dallas Key (Hardware Dependant) YES YES YES YES
Floating Clerks YES YES YES YES
Fortress GB Interface for E-Cash C/O C/O C/O -
Gift Receipts YES YES YES -
Hospitality Bill Splitting YES YES YES YES
Hospitality Graphical Table Designer / Selection YES YES YES YES
Inter Store Transfers YES NO YES NO
Kitchen Printing YES YES YES YES
Link Menus / Dynamic Kits for Cooking Instructions etc. YES YES YES YES
Mail Order C/O - YES -
Manual Barcode / Product Code Entry in Order Screen YES YES YES YES
Maximum Sites 1000 1 1000 1
Maximum Tills Per Site 1000 1000 1000 1000
Mobile Site Totals Application (Requires PDA) - - YES -
Multi Profile Loader (Registry Root) YES YES YES YES
Multiple Tender Types YES YES YES YES
Pack Purchase quantities YES - YES YES
PDA Link (Mobile Tills) C/O C/O C/O C/O
Price Breaks YES YES YES YES
Product / Price Lookup screens YES YES YES YES
Product Dates YES - YES -
Product Detail Screen with Sales by Month YES - YES -
Product Dimensions / Weight Fields YES - YES -
Product Images YES YES YES YES
Product Invoice Drilldown YES - YES -
Product Notes YES YES YES YES
Product Sales By Month Screens (Group and Sub Group) - - YES -
Product Year Code YES - YES -
Purchase Ordering - - YES -
Quantity Breaks YES YES YES YES
Quick Address PRO Interface Option for Customer Maintenance C/O C/O C/O C/O
Quick Address PRO4 Interface Option for Customer Maintenance C/O C/O C/O C/O
Quick Address RAPID Interface Option for Customer Maintenance C/O C/O C/O C/O
Sage Line 50 Integration Option - - YES -
Scales Interface C/O C/O C/O -
Second Price Level (Price B) YES YES YES YES
Service Charge Button for Hospitality YES YES YES YES
Size and Colour Fields YES YES YES YES
SMS Messaging Option for Customer Loyalty C/O C/O C/O C/O
Stock Control YES - YES LIMITED
Stock Countdown on Fast Menu Buttons UNLIMITED MAX 10 UNLIMITED MAX 10
Stock Location Information YES - YES -
Stock Movements Drilldown YES - YES -
Stock Repairs YES - YES -
Supplier Details YES - YES -
Support for OPOS Compliant Hardware YES YES YES YES
System Can Mix Retail Tills and Hospitality Tills YES YES YES YES
Table Booking C/O C/O YES C/O
Takeaway Pricing / Printing YES YES YES -
Thermal Receipts YES YES YES YES
Thermal Reports from Till YES YES YES YES
Third Party Hotel Booking Interface (Flexibook Hotel Reservation Software) C/O C/O C/O C/O
Ticket Printing for Products when sold YES YES YES -
Ticketing Interfaces C/O - C/O -
Till Group 1 Grouping YES YES YES YES
Till Group 2 Grouping YES - YES -
Till Printer Sharing YES YES YES YES
Tills Can Function OFFLINE in case of server failure YES YES YES YES
Time and Attendance YES YES YES YES
Unlimited Barcodes per product YES YES YES YES
Unlimited Suppliers per product YES - YES YES
Up Selling Hints YES - YES -
Voucher Printing YES - YES -
Wholesale Pricing for Customers YES YES YES YES


PCS Retail from Tills 4 Change
PCS Retail from Tills 4 Change
PCS Retail from Tills 4 Change
Complete EPOS & Stock Management Solution
PCS Retail is a highly scalable Retail, Kiosk and Hospitality EPOS Stock Management Solution equally suited to Single or Multi site. PCS Retail has been engineered for business using a Microsoft SQL database which gives your business a truly robust and scalable solution. Installations can range from a single till right through to thousands of tills over multiple sites.
Using the familiar Windows interface, PCS Retail gives you the tools to run your business. All transactional data is permanently held on file, allowing a complete analysis of any passed sales transactions. Reports are produced from the actually invoices held on file, therefore if a product changes category, many reports can be re-run showing the data using the new category.

Multi Profile
PCS Retail has the ability to run different front screens on different tills whilst connecting to the same database. This allows a mix of retail and hospitality from the same system. There are currently around 3500 different setup options to choose from. The Multi Profile loader also allows a single machine to host multiple setups which is ideal in environments where a ‘floating spare’ till is required. The spare till can then have the profile for each site or configuration.

Customer Loyalty & Multi Buys
10 Discount levels allowing discounts to be assigned to each product.
A Host of Multi Buy promotions can be selected by a combination of Product, Group, Sub Group, Size, Colour, Customer Discount Type, Date/Time and Site.
Vouchers can be generated with customer receipts using the built in Multi Buy processing system.
Customer Loyalty points can be assigned to each product.

PCS Retail 4.9
Complete Stock Management Solution
Microsoft SQL Database
Customer CRM
Customer Loyalty, Discounts and Renewals
Customer Accounts with Aged Debiting
Multi-Buys, Voucher Print and Promotions
Auto Recovery at the POS
Multi Till and Multi Site
Integrated Chip and Pin Card Clearance
Dynamic Financial Year
Unlimited Suppliers & Barcodes
Table / Employee Booking
Floating Clerks Feature
FortressGB Interface for E-Cash and Loyalty
Up-selling Hints
Purchase Ordering
Dynamic Reporting using Crystal Reports
Layaways, Tabs and Tables
Graphical Table Layouts
Scales Interface
Barcode Generation / Printing
Multiple Tender Types

Payments to Master Orders (i.e. Open Room)
Mobile Till and Mobile Stock Taking
Intersite Stock Transfers
Shirt Printing Feature
Unlimited Price Breaks
Size and Colour
Mail Order and Internet Order System
E-Commerce Website Solution
Bulk Email & SMS Messaging
Stock Replenishments
Sage Line 50 CSV Interface
Kitchen Printing
Hospitality Bill Splitting
Pack Quantities and Kits
26 Membership Levels
Membership Pricing Table

Electrical Retail
Sports Stadiums
Golf Clubs
Department Stores
General Retail
Sports Goods and Fashion
Pubs, Clubs and Bars
Gift Shops
Garden Centres

Auto Recovery at the POS
PCS Retail has in built auto recovery at the point of sale. This protects the data from power failures. On reboot of
the PC, the user only needs to enter the sales screen and the sale is restored. Each till holds an offline copy of ALL vital data. (Updated on a nightly basis). If the server becomes unavailable, the till can work ‘Offline’. On recovery the till updates the server with all missing transaction data.

Integrated Credit Card Clearance
PCS Retail includes an optional high speed Chip and Pin interface using a seamless connection to either YESPAY
or Commidea. Authorizations can be achieved in around 4 seconds. The connection is via the Internet thus reducing
the cost of additional telephone lines.


Multi Site
PCS Retail equally suits the single or multi site environment. Each remote site contains a store database which updates the central HeadOffice on a regular basis (not applicable in PCS Retail Lite). Reporting can be run from either the Remote BackOffice or HeadOffice applications. Pricing, Purchase Ordering and promotions can be site specific.

Dynamic Reporting
PCS Retail includes around 270 standard reports all driven from an integrated, dynamic reporting interface. If a report requires specific criteria then a selection box will appear on screen (not applicable in PCS Retail Lite). All of these reports have been created using the industry standard reporting application, Crystal Reports. Reports are all held in a separate directory either on a server or on the local machine. The report names and selection criteria are held in
the SQL database. This allows users familiar with Crystal Reports to design their own custom reports for the PCS Retail applications

‘Lite’ Version
PCS Retail Lite is a scaled down version of PCS Retail without stock control. This Lite version is a single site application designed to run from the till point. Reporting is sent to the thermal EPOS printer. PCS Retail Lite is an ideal starting point for growing businesses and is fully upgradeable to the Full PCS Retail as requirements grow.

PCS Retail Mobile Hand Held devices Options
Titan POS Mobile is a hand held multi functional solution which can be used as a hand held waiter pad, or a mobile order pad with real time communications to a central server. It links via WiFi in real time to the PCS Retail core database. Titan POS Mobile features the capacity for layaways in Retail and Tables in the restaurant, multi
function menu choices, customer selection and ability to send orders directly to the kitchen printer. Alternatively Ultra Mobile PC’s can be used to achieve FULL till and back office functionality, whilst maintaining a fully mobile solution. Ultra Moble PC’s can also be used for offline till sales, which can then be uploaded once plugged back

PCS Retail includes options for Table Booking or Employee Booking. Employee Bookings can be used for Hairdressers booking appointments against staff members. Booking confirmations can be emailed or printed via Word for posting to the customer. The graphical time line allows a quick daily view for all bookings. Deposits can be taken against bookings and reporting options exist for both thermal and A4.

Customer Query Builder
PCS Retail has a built in Query building tool designed for contacting customers and sending membership renewals. This query tool allows you to select from a combination of selection criteria and then send:
 Mail Merge letters using Word 2010 / 2007 / 2003
 SMS text messages
 Bulk Emails.
 You can even export customers to CSV or XML.
Selection criteria includes:
 A combination of address, phone, email, gender, marital status, birthday, card number, etc
 A combination of the 100 customer preferences
 Sales Data by date range (Product Code, Alpha Match, Sub Group, Serial Number / Notes.
Wild card searches can also be used for example to search for all customers in the RG42 postal area.
A full CRM history is held on file, showing the date and time that each customer has been contacted and the type of contact that was made. Data use validation is also used, so that customers can opt out of mailings and complying with data protection laws.
Customer member types A-Z allow for dated membership renewals. These member then link to a membership pricing table.

Hospitality Features
Hospitality features include: Kitchen and bar printing, Floating Clerks, Tabs or Tables (with an optional graphical selection screen and an easy to use table transfer feature), payments to Room, service charge and bill Split-ting. Bills can be split via individual item. You can even split items up to 10 ways i.e. bottles of wine etc.) Alternatively bills can be equally split up to 10 ways.

Purchase Ordering

A Full Purchase Order system has been built in to the PCS Retail software (not applicable in PCS Retail Lite). This allows stock to be ordered for multiple sites and then booked in on arrival. Stock can be purchased in packs and then booked in as individual items (for example: Crates of cans or bottles or outer packs of paper). Automatic orders can be generated based on the minimum stock levels set against each product. Orders can be printed at any time, with a number of dynamic report styles to choose from. Invoice matching allows prices to be checked between the purchase order and the final invoice, setting the average cost


Mail Orders and Internet Orders
PCS Retail includes an optional Mail Order interface and a full E-Commerce interface. Once orders have been placed, the picking section allows you to create picking lists. After picking, the mail order shipping section allows users to process the card payments and then send confirmation emails along with a customised printout for the shipping labels. Orders can optionally be part shipped and additions or alterations can be made to the order at any time prior to shipping. In the case of the Web site API, Order status information can be fed back to the website for users to track their orders online.

Acting as a solutions reseller with PCS Retail, Tills 4 Change operates from our offices in Southampton in the area highlighted in yellow on the map below, providing solution for Hospitality and Retail environments.

Contact us on 02380 633 337 or e-mail to discuss your project requirements


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