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ICRTouch Hospitality and Retail EPOS Software

We have been an official reseller of ICR Touch Software since 2006 and can provide from from systems to back office, with web office integration.
ICR Touch from Tills 4 Change

ICR Touch ICR Touch from Tills 4 Change

Please enquire for full system quotations. Tills 4 Change can offer with optional installation with training in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxon, Middlesex and London, so that we can offer you the best support. Please enquire for training, cabling and installation quotations.


We are a fully authorised dealer for the ICR Touch system.


ICR Touch is powerful, user-friendly, point-of-sale software 

primarily aimed at cafes, takeaway, bars and restaurants, but with approved application for retail with hand held stock taking and NWM approved scale link.

ICR Touch Point is state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge. It scans, totals, handles cash and cards and even includes integral loyalty software. It offers unrivalled flexibility and opportunities to customise.

Combining the latest PC colour touch screens with the tried and tested format of the cash register we have been using for over 100 years, ICR have utilized a wealth of experience, and produced a software package which retains all the best features of the old along with benefits of the new.

ICR have been in the business of Cash Registers and Systems for nearly 25 years and Tills 4 Change are proud to be authorised as a reseller of the ICR TOUCH system.

ICR Touch has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Helpful prompts guide operators through each sale, with messages displayed throughout to keep the operator informed as to what is going on.  Reports are similar to conventional cash registers and with it's built in back office, X and Z reading functions, an end of day report can easily be taken at the touch of a button. Programming and file maintenance also follows a similar structure to a cash register with it's built in program modes.

Designed primarily with bars and restaurants in mind, features like the graphical table plan option showing the status of the tables - e.g. green is free and blue has had a bill issued. The number of covers also is shown on the table.  Split checks and bills are taken care of by simply highlighting the items to be separated and touching the arrow keys.  An advanced price level scheduler allows very powerful promotions and happy hour features.

In a modern system, security is always a big issue, so with features like server sign on using iButtons, magnetic cards or pin numbers, the ability to track individual servers activities, and even the ability to view the electronic journal for a specific servers transactions, pilfering can be cut to a minimum.

Industry standard PC architecture allows easy inexpensive add-ons, such as kitchen printers, bill printers, customer displays, integrated network, card readers, bar code scanners etc.


ICR Touch runs on most PC based Touchscreens running Windows. Screen sizes of 10.4", 12.1", 15-17" & 19 inch are available in either 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions, however sizes cannot be mixed over a branch system. ICR Touch can be configured to meet most of the needs of today's hospitality or retail environments and is supplied as a single till system where all programming & reporting is carried out at the till (without the need for a server) through to a complete networked solution of many touchscreens linked together either locally or remotely. A wide range of devices can be added to an ICR Touch system including Kitchen Printers, Kitchen Videos, Chip & Pin Pads, Scales, CCTV, and Keg Monitors etc. The writers of the ICR software have integrated with many other software companies who offer back office software & have interfaces to Hotel (PMS) systems, Stock, and Management Control etc. Back office Touch Office software is available in single or multi site format.

ICR Touch Office - Back Office Software for ICR Touch Control.

Automatically Communicate with your Epos system from the comfort and security of your Home or Office

The Back Office Management Software TMS automatically collects detailed Sales information from your Epos system, either at your premises, via Ethernet, or via the internet using a broadband router and a static IP address. Reports can be called up on the computer screen, printed, or exported to certain other software packages, such as Excel. We can also configure your system to print a pre-defined selection of daily and weekly reports.

Price, Product Maintenance, and Screen Layouts
This allows you to add products and change prices from your computer at Home or in the Office. Call up your products and instantly see your cost, current selling price and the margin you are making. Changes you can make can be sent automatically down to your Epos system.
Look Back in Time
The software maintains a detailed Sales History of all your products, staff, cash and hourly transactions. This allows you to easily compare how different days, weeks, months and years figures compare to each other. Use the historical figures to see how Offers and Promotions have affected sales, how staff are performing and when the busiest periods are.
Keep Track of Your Stock
Our Back Office Software contains a powerful stock management system keeping you in control.

Other Features

High quality bill printing 

Happy hour function, prices can be setup to automatically change at a certain time every day.

Customer loyalty system using swipe cards. Discounts and points can be issued and tracked, unique to each customer.  

Clerk security options, can use HICO magnetic cards, Dallas keys or secret codes to log on.

Electronic journal can be viewed remotely for security purposes.

Detailed, customisable back office reporting

Single terminal manages all information about open tables, checks and tabs

Remote printers are easily shared across the network, meaning many terminals can share one receipt printer

Automatic program change broadcast

Simple, quick and intuitive to program

Graphical table plan

Touch Office Web - Now aavailbel to link to version 2014 onwards. Retail sales control and programming through your web browser.

ICR Touch Point For Hospitality

TouchPoint when you need reliability...

If the power fails and your freezer lets you down, at least you'll be able to count on TouchPoint. When the tills (and the lights) come back on you'll find you haven't lost any data. The system is robust and rugged and it doesn't crash, which means you don't lose a sale.

Looking good...

TouchPoint features eye-catching touchscreen graphics and 1500 settings. It is one of the most adaptable Electronic Point of Sale software packages available in the UK.

Want your tills to match the tablecloths or the branded t-shirts? TouchPoint can be customised using a wide selection of colours and wallpapers. You can also request a bespoke design.

Don't stop there...

Just like your business, TouchPoint's architects don't stand still.  Annual EPoS software updates are available and, on average, TouchPoint grows with 60 new EPoS features per year.

TouchPoint is compatible with keg dispenser monitoring, electronic funds transfer (EFT) software, CCTV, advertising screens, weighing scales, and hotel property management software (PMS).

ICR Touch Point For Retail

ICRTouch is renowned for it's quality and standing in the hospitality industry but with our flexible approach to design, it is also widely used in the retail sector. ICR Touch is suitable for numerous of high street establishments including bakers, chemists, hair salons and convenience stores benefiting from the functionality of the application. With a retail operation in mind, ICRTouch is able to offer:

  • Scale Link
  • Label Printing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Chip and PIN
  • Change Dispensing
  • Caller ID
  • HHT Stocktaking
  • Metrologic Barcode scanners supported.

    Scale Link

    ICR Touch have developed a scale link that allows the EPoS terminal to interface with Avery's FX120 scale and ICRTouch. This is fully certificated by NWML (National Weights and Measures Laboratory).

    Label Printing

    Barcode and Shelf Edge labels can be printed from TMS

    Barcode Scanning

    Barcode scanning is available via wide variety of makes and models that either use or emulate a serial or PS2 connection. Using Metrologic's Voyager or Orbit scanners with ICRTouch you'll have a simple plug and play option.

    Chip and PIN

    An integrated Chip and PIN solution is fully available with ICRTouch using the bureau service providers YESpay or SAGE PAY with Windows 7,

    Windows 8. This is along with imminent release to communication with Payment Sense Terminals (March 2015)

    Caller ID

    Developed primarily for the Take Away market, ICRTouch links with the "Meteor". A device that plugs into the phone line of the business and passes the incoming number to ICRTouch which if added previously (existing customer) will display their name or if new, give the option to add them to the customer database in ICRTouch.

    HHT Stocktaking

    Using the Casio DT-X5 hand held terminal with TMS, the operation is able to utilise an integrated stock taking process using the barcode labels on the product. Soon to arrive in early 2009 will be the interface with the Casio DT-X7.

    Avery FX120 Scale link.

    Barcode scanning of PLU's.

    Casio Stocktaking Handhelds DTX-7 & DTX-5

    Printing of shelf edge labels in ICRTouch TMS back office software.

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