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Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) are used for hospitality and retail scanning and we are authorised resellers for Casio, Geller, Sam4s and Sharp.

Vectron Cash Commander


We are a fully authorised dealer for Vectron Systems AG.

Vectron Cash Commander
Intelligent networking

PLU assortment and PLU prices require a continuous update. Turnover as well as order- and working time data that is registered at the point of sale, must be managed. Vectron POS systems offer extensive report and programming options. If the cash register is installed in a remote branch shop or if several cash registers are applied and the data is to be exchanged automatically with merchandise information systems, the Vectron Commander is the ideal tool for efficient communication between POS system and PC.

The communication between POS system and PC is established either via direct cable connection, PC-network or via telephone connection. The Vectron Commander supports analogue-, ISDN- and mobile radio networks. You can access every Vectron POS system practically all over the world from your PC.

Multi-user capability and a sophisticated safety system allow the evaluation of turnover figures at one workstation whilst at the same time at another work station new prices are entered. Parallel, additional computers exchange data with the cash registers; even in extensive branch networks, all POS systems can be read out and updated practically without delay. The Vectron Commander is fully scalable and can be applied group-wide. In small and medium-sized companies all functions can be bundled on one single PC. A password during program start guarantees that each user can only see and modify those data for which he is authorized.

A decisive advantage offers the Vectron Commander in connection with the updating of program data and reports. Modifications of item-related data can be transferred to one individual cash register or to any group of ECRs. This guarantees that all POS systems work with the same data whilst requiring only a minimum of administration. The polled report data can be consolidated for any cash register, group of ECRs, periods and PLUs and can be compiled to clearly arranged reports. In addition to the wide range of standard reports, the report generator enables you to draw up any individual data analysis that you require - be it sales- or staff-related. Alternatively you export data in Microsoft Excel format and import them directly into reports, diagrams and presentations.

The open and well-documented data interface is the key for the integration of the Vectron Commander into Back-Office-solutions. Thus, you transfer for instance item-related data from your stock control program to the POS systems or take over time and attendance information into working hour registration.


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