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Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) are used for hospitality and retail scanning and we are authorised resellers for bonVito Loyalty systems for Vectron.

bonVito by Vectron

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Web Based Customer Loyalty - Linking to Vectron POS terminals

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More turnover through customer retention

It is considerably more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep them. This is why customer retention is an important key to business success. On top of this is the fact that regular customers rather stick to a company in crisis than casual customers. Advantages of loyal customers are manifold

  • loyal customers buy more often
  • loyal customers usually buy more
  • loyal customers are less price-sensitive
  • loyal customers require less advertising expenses
  • loyal customers recommend and thus generate additional new business

The customer retention program bonVito provides an easy method to increase customer loyalty because it is directly integrated to the POS systems. All customer loyalty campaigns are automatically realized via the Vectron POS systems during the normal invoicing process. bonVito offers various modules that can be used individually or in combination

Collecting and redeeming bonus points

Holders of bonVito account cards can use them to collect bonus points at all bonVito partners. Every bonVito partner can determine for himself how many points he will grant for which amount or can create special campaigns for weekdays with small turnover, e.g. 100 point for £10 sales on Mondays.

Every card holder also gets his own, secure access to the bonVito website and can see the latest points balance at any time. Collected bonus points can conveniently be redeemed online in the rewards shop.

Digital stamps

The "digital stamp" enables an automatic imprint on each receipt, either anonymously or personalized, i.e. with or without registration of the customer. The issuing partner determines what his customers get for how many stamps. All the PLUs or departments configured in the POS system can be selected for the digital stamp. An unambiguous bar code, which can only be entered once to the system, excludes fraud. This type of customer retention, too, encourages customers to increase consumption, thus raising their loyalty. Furthermore, their willingness to change to the personalized customer card is enhanced in the course of time. For customers who already own the account card the stamps are managed easily and safely via the card rather than via coupons.

Coupons per receipt imprint

Coupons are the ideal instrument for targeted marketing activities. If for instance the Tuesday afternoon is a day with small turnover, one can print coupons on all receipts, which grant a discount on defined departments or PLUs on Tuesday afternoon. The targeted offer provides for more customers during weak times and helps increasing sales since customers, once they are there, often also buy other, non reduced products.

Another option is the granting of a fully selectable rebate percentage from a certain size of turnover onwards. There you can distinguish between card holders and customers without card. The latter can get a lower discount than the others.

Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management Module helps using the coupons even more efficiently. Instead of the receipt imprint coupons can be sent to registered customers per E-mail or as text message. E-mail drives are particularly suitable for a long-term announcement of discount campaigns, e.g. “Celebrate our 5th anniversary Saturday in a fortnight and get a 5% discount on all sales of 10 Pounds and more.” Coupons per text work well for short term activities, like: “Today 10% discount on all pasta dishes.” Both possibilities can also be combined. A discount campaign can be announced in detail via E-mail and a text sent shortly before reminds of the start.

Coupons also serve for reactivating passive clients. The bonVito program helps selecting customers, who for instance were not active for more than four weeks. Thus, only those benefit who probably would not come without the special offer.

bonVito stamping receipt

Extensive control- and evaluation functions

bonVito can be used across-branch and allows targeted marketing campaigns thanks to professional functions. All relevant data is stored in the system and is available for controlling purposes. Every single campaign can be evaluated in detail. You can determine at any time how many customers participate in a campaign, how much turnover was generated, how many bonus points or coupons were issued and how many were redeemed. This guarantees complete monitoring of all activities at all times and allows determining the generated added value.

Creating individual campaigns

bonVito partners can create individual campaigns for customer retention via their secure access to the bonVito site and send them to selected POS systems via Internet. They determine the duration and the products for which they will grant stamps, bonus points or discount coupons. Campaigns can be carried out for instance only on defined days or in determined branch shops. As soon as all details have been fixed, the POS systems on site take over: They book the selected PLUs automatically with the correct discounts, bonus points or stamps and avoid manipulations. The campaigns of all participating companies are managed separately to guarantee the highest possible data integrity. Every bonVito partner can exclusively access his own campaigns and reporting.

bonVito Loyalty Cards

Individually designed customer account cards

Numerous studies prove the positive effect of customer account cards. They raise customer loyalty, brand image and brand loyalty. Card holders buy more frequently than customers without cards, are open for cross-selling activities and are less price-sensitive. To increase the advertising effect for bonVito partners, the issuer can design the front of the bonVito loyalty card individually, turning it into a permanent advertising space in customer wallets. Since the cards can be used at all bonVito partners, each participating company brings prospects for the other partners. Current studies attest up to 35 % more turnover thanks to customers that were acquired by a partner company! In order to increase card acceptance and to achieve a specific points balance even faster, bonVito card holders can collect points at all participating partners.


Vectron Systems are not available Mail Order. Systems only supplied with training and installation to Hampshire and surrounding counties. Prices available on request, please call for more information





Includes 12 months Return to Base (RTB) guarantee & 12 months telephone support. Price includes initial programming to customer supplied specification, before dispatch.

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