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EPOS for a Convenience Retail Shop

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SPEDI Conveniience Retail from Tills 4 Change 
Tills 4 Change are an official supplier of the SPEDI system for Convenience Retail

SPEDI Conveninence EPOS from Tills 4 Change
Tills 4 Change are a partner for SPEDI which is a dedicated Convenience Retail EPOS System

Advantages of using SPEDI Software
SPEDI Software has a long track record and SPEDI have been writing software in the sector for over 25 years. They have listened to their users and developed the features that they have requested resulting in software that works and saves money.

Regular updates are included in the price of your support so offering a long term solution
with a range of software that can grow with your business, and the knowledge your
software is using the latest technology.

SPEDI software can benefit your business in many ways

save time and effort for staff and management
improve your margins with accurate pricing
show you how your business is doing, and where it can be improved
make it easy to set up the promotions suggested by your wholesaler
enhance your image and speed up customer flow
increase security and reduce waste
manage a chain of stores, reducing work and improving control
plus much more!!

Using the latest developments in computing to give you the best tools. The next few years will be exciting, and SPEDI will be developing to benefit from new technologies including the cloud, tablets, mobile phone vouchers, click and collect web sites.

As a SPEDI dealer you get the benefits of local service and support backed by our SPEDI's extensive expertise. As a  dealer we will help you to select the system that is right for you and will give you the greatest benefit.

In Store SPEDI point of sale example

Using SPEDI's experience to give you the features that you will require in a way that is easy to learn and operate.

Using touch screens, to give a simple to use and flexible appearance at the checkout. The screen may show product pictures. The software has support mix and match, vouchers, discounts and all the other sales functions. Optional features include integrated chip and pin, advertising screens, integrated PayPoint, and a high level of security. The system can include real time monitoring and links to CCTV (capturing both customer and cashiers activity at the till).

The software will also help manage key aspects of your business at the till including age checks with an automatic refusals register, a diary function to record your best practice for safety matters such as date and temperature checks, and account management.

Your product file may be managed on the till in a clear and helpful way. Links to most wholesalers (grocery and others) are included. Stock control is available. Orders are suggested based on current and historical sales and stock activity.

The system helps you to manage your promotions, using data provided by your wholesaler. The shelf edge labels are produced at the right time so that your effort is minimised and ensuring that offers start and end at the right time.  Management reports show you which products are doing well, and which are doing badly. You will gain a real benefit from better margin control which reacts to cost price changes as they occur. Reports from the system form the basis of your accounts and help you to use the most beneficial VAT scheme.

The system may include a simple to use news package with links to Smiths and Menzies if you sell papers and magazines, or our full news package if you have news rounds.

All this is available without a separate back office computer.

Back office J2 SPEDI back Office

The back office system offers more control if this is needed.

Tills can be monitored in real time, and alerts are given of transactions which may put the store at risk e.g. credits and refunds. Transactions can be reviewed using powerful drill down features. The monitor also summarises real-time sales performance in some detail.

You are helped to manage pricing and stock levels. A hand held device can be used to check stock and prices. The system offers many more features including suggesting orders and then, after giving you a chance to review, sending these to your supplier. Electronic delivery notes can be received (if your supplier produces these) and used to book in your stock.

Reports to help you run your business include best and worst sellers, products with low margins, analysis of waste and profitability reports by department.

SPEDI Control and SPEDI Maintain Back Office enable your customers to have well over 1200 Mix-and-Match Offers at one time, in any combination of types - these can be "Simple Multibuy" offers such as "Buy One, Get One Free" or "Fixed Price", as well as "Meal Deal" or "Voucher for Money Off on Your Next Visit" offers.  

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